Who loves chocolate?如果你喜欢它,为什么不开始你自己的博客在这个美妙的利基。这是一个很好的市场进入,尤其是如果你在食品和饮料利基。

This WordPress made chocolate blog is for sure a good start for you especially if you wanted to have a really informational website while making extra income on the side.

它有一个PLR电子书,你可以重新编辑,put your name on it,在线销售,保持100%的利润。如果你不熟悉网上购物,the pre-installed simple shopping cart will help you learn in minutes.




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backup buddy wordpress plugin

有了这个高级WordPress插件,安装实际上是在betway 客户端


此博客附带高级插件that will allow you to easily install the whole blog package in practically不到五分钟.

安装WordPress不再有问题,处理SQL文件,myPhPAdmin,and messing with codes.简而言之,只需将博客包的文件上载到您的网站宿主,跟随betway 客户端 and you're done!请观看下面的安装视频。


To make everything easy for you we included a fully illustrated HTML Guide and Video Tutorial that takes you through the快速安装过程from start to finish!Installation is literally done in 3 STEPS!

Mobile Responsive Theme

This PLR blog package is pre-integrated with our new responsive WordPress magazine-style theme.这是一个真正的移动响应网站。It quickly adapts to all kinds of mobile browsers.Newer version updates for the theme is automatic and can be initiated inside your WordPress dashboard.

响应移动浏览 移动就绪必威中国




  • Change website colors
  • 更改网站字体
  • 上传自己的logo
  • Change favicon icon
  • 用图像更改网站背景
  • Change website width
  • 更改边栏位置
  • 更改主页元素及其位置
  • 还有更多…

Unique Site Features


100% Beginner Friendly Niche Blog

We spent countless hours to make it user friendly and low maintenance.安装并登录到WordPress仪表板后,you will see a complete step-by-step guide on how to change everything including site password,站点标题,电子邮件联系betway游戏人,标志,儿童主题站点颜色,以及最重要的关联链接。

Easy to Use Ad Management Panel

Changing affiliate ads,affiliate URLs and other customizable content is now easier than ever.Everything is handled from an easy to use theme panel in the Wordpress Admin Area!

只是复制粘贴your own ad codes,affiliate links,and banner promotions.只需添加您的Adsense代码和附属ID即可。不要再浪费时间去寻找你的广告链接。


This 必威中国ready made blog comes pre-installed with necessary Wordpress plugins with functions for spam protection,search engine optimization and social media sharing.


Supports WooCommerce plugin for selling unlimited digital as well as physical products.

Full customer support

如果您遇到安装问题,博客错误,or other technical issues,你总是可以必威体育首页 .Your blog concerns should be resolve within 24-48 hours.


Latest Wordpress Software and Plugins

*此日志已更新为最新的WordPress版本。4.9(can be easily updated to later versions with just one click) - the Internets premier blogging platform.Always keep in mind that,with just a click,您可以使用automatic updateinside the dashboard area.这是保持软件更新和安全的最好方法。

We strictly maintain all download files for all niche blogs and regularly update the WordPress software (including themes and plugins) to prevent any nasty bugs and security issues.


  • 亚马逊页面整合亚马逊和Clickbank商店。Easily replace existing Amazon ID with your own ID using the Theme Settings Panel.您也可以替换关键字。有一个快速bet way官网 .
  • 点击银行Integrated Clickbank ads and banners.再一次,you can quickly change existing Clickbank ID with your own using the theme settings panel.
  • AdSenseEasily integrate Adsense into your posts and pages.见指南在这里


Other blog features
  • 10+预发表文章-此网站上已发布至少10篇文章。必威中国最适合建立一个入门网站。
  • Fully Supported Premium Theme -有了这个博客,你会得到一个定制的高级WordPress主题(如果没有定制的话,单是这个主题就要花费47美元)。我们在很多小众网站上使用这个主题,所以当出现脚本问题或某种网络bug时,we fix it - and you will automatically get the updated theme.
  • 125x125 Banner ads on sidebar -Easily integrate up to eight randomly rotating 125x125 banner ads into your sidebar.
  • Illustrated Documentation and Video Tutorials -Included are fully illustrated blog installation guide including replacing affiliate links.The guide comes with video tutorials.主题使用文档和视频教程也包括在内,因此您可以在更改颜色时有一个方便的参考,上传徽标,改变字体,and theme management.

License Terms for this PLR


  • Install the blog AS IS on unlimited domains you own.
  • 在客户端拥有的域上安装博客。
  • 在Flippa和其他类似网站上翻转博客。
  • Resell the product AS IS but with price not less than $17.
  • Sell it on eBay as is but for price not less than $17.
  • 提供不低于17美元的产品作为奖励。
  • 使用主题,文章,and images on your own or client's niche sites.


  • Do not give the product away for free.
  • 不要将产品添加到免费会员网站。
  • 不要从premadeniches.com复制产品销售页面材料betway中国
  • 不要使用PreMadebetway中国Niches品牌,标志,销售页面,以及其他前madenbetway中国iches的在线资源。




Installation Service: If you want us to install it for you,请订货必威中国 .